Starring Sean Wing (Hello Ladies) and Mara Marini (Parks and Rec)

After getting evicted, Sean moves in with his ex-girlfriend, Mara, and the two discover that sometimes your "extie" is also your "bestie".


Starring Tiffany Sierra and Michael Harney (Orange is the New Black)

When marriage counselor, Philomena, reflects on relationship advice her father gave her, she finds finding the perfect man a
not-so-perfect task.

Lien on Me

Starring David Beatty, Aaron Ramzi, et al.

 Realtor Johnny Columbus can't sell a house to save his own, so his wife Theona (Heather Williams) turns to inviting her "unique" friends to live with them to make their mortgage. LA Webfest winner for Outstanding Comedy Writing and Directing

Dates With Peter

Starring TJ Marchbank, Paul Romero,
Joe Calarco, and KC Marsh

After Peter's girlfriend drags a reality television crew into their lives, she schedules their breakup. The show's producer pounces on the chance to make Peter and his friends the center of a new show...