Nino Mancuso

#1 Best Dark Comedy Short

"This insane and yet dark tale of jealousy and obsession really hit hard all throughout. The juxtaposition of a real world problem, like human insecurity, mixed with the funny yet outlandish inclusion of famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal makes this short unique in every way. Hilariously subtle jokes really help amplify this dark yet melodramatic short. I Know Jake Gyllenhaal is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend shows at what lengths a funny premise can be turned on its head, and truly show a person's downward spiral to insanity..."

"This definitely wins the prize for the funniest title in the festival, but funny titles rarely lead to funny movies. This one is the exception. It starts out funny, it gets funnier, and it leads to a conclusion that will have you discussing it with your significant other long after the movie has ended."

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